The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

The second-best time is today.


We consistently make an effort to ensure structures which go up work in tandem with our large-scale permaculture design, meaning we take into consideration the neighbouring plants and trees, the sun, the flow & storage of water, the usage & transportation of energy and management of waste.

Chicken and Eggs

Our Philosphy

Permaculture (Permanent Culture) is a philosophy of working with nature through observation of all the functions of each element to design whole systems. Valhalla Montreal is applying principles of permaculture in all aspects of the project.

Natural Building; there are many solutions today that function passively using natural or reused materials such as Hemp, Earthships, Cob houses, Rocket Stoves and Compost showers. These innovative technologies provide accessible change for everyone.

Sociocracy is a self-managed decision making model for organizations and communities. Valhalla Montreal implements Sociocracy to ensure that all members are included in the decision making while still being efficient in our decision making.

Non-Violent Communication is a conflict resolution process that allows members to communicate from a place of empathy and understanding, and gives the tools to connect even with those who don’t practice it.