Sustainability Learning Center

The flagship project of the Valhalla Montreal location – the Sustainability Learning Centre is essentially the alternative school we feel the world needs to shift culture and promote the sustainable communal lifestyle. An off grid eco barn design allows for this building to be one of a kind and become a beacon for students of all ages and also a representation of what is possible with passive building techniques.

The buildings purpose is as the hub for transformation of all products grown and produced at the Valhalla Farm as well as the communal office and co-working space where we will run the online media and education portion of our movement.

Teaching everything from Permaculture and organic farming – to eco construction and philanthropreneurship amongst other things – Valhalla’s Sustainability Learning Centre is being designed by WISDOM – an eco lifestyle design firm which is a partnership between Valhalla and L’OEUF a renowned green architecture firm based here in Montreal.