Earthship Greenhouse

Valhalla’s first Eco-Build was inspired by something many of us in the community have heard about before.

Earthships. Off the grid structures made out of recycled materials such as tires bottles and cans amongst other elements.

But before this building went up we actually went through quite a journey.

We started by funding the project via Kickstarter and wow was that a success.

We reached our goal within 10 days and ended up raising a whopping 28,000$ in a 30 day campaign within 6 months of the Valhalla Movement actually launching. We were absolutely over the moon and super excited to see our project come to life – but for at that point in our story – the city had other plans.

We decided we would put these buildings to the test by building the very first stamped and approved by a both architects and engineers as well as our local city and we had a blast. We made a 10 minute summary video to give you a bit of a tour!

What this video doesn’t tell you is that we only started the build this Greenhouse in September 2013 due to delays. You see the city asked us to find structural engineers and architects to prove the safety of using tires in construction as well as do a study to prove the tires wouldn’t damage the underground water table and pollute the well water in the area.

Luckily we were able to turn towards and amazing engineer Thibault Lefort and the architects at L’OEUF to give us a helping hand after months of searching and we also found PDF entitled: Fiche-pneus Recycle Quebec by Recyc Québec (a government run organization that “recycles” the tires and is tasked with picking them up from local garages) that also had done a study on the safety of tires and how they would not pollute ground water.

We had met all the requirements the city had surely thought we couldn’t possibly achieve and the project was a go.

Since then we have been working slowly but surely at improving the inside of the Earthship – setting up rain water collection and sink systems as well as testing the limits of growing food in the winter without any heating!

Want To Support or Build Your Own?

Our plans and How To DVD’s and Ebooks are available here – or you can also choose to support us directly.